gotta love that face!


hound dog’s brown eyes sad

as homeward bound campers pack

wags his tail goodbye



photo by lynn


sentence of the americas


Stone-faced Mayan warrior greets

descendants in San Antonio.



photo & american sentence by lynn


Linking to Word Press Photo Challenge: “Face”

pure iowa gold

what could be sweeter
ripe golden ears of corn or
child’s buttery face?

walking through ditch grass
sun smiles on up-turned faces
dandelion gold!

cup of soothing tea
facing toward open curtains
golden warmth of sun.

what is truth?



when Pilate was

looking truth in the face,

he questioned and crucified him

…like us



lil’ lovin’ limerick (1)



I have a dear grandson named Lincoln

whose cuteness can sometimes be stinkin’

I caught his sweet face

his blue eyes?  not a trace

Saying “cheese” is too cheesy, I’m thinkin’


(a tearful triolet)


dark are the days God hides his face

when sinners cry for rescue

long are the nights we pray for grace

dark are the days God hides his face

we hope to reach a better place

doubt is dark side of faith – it’s true

dark are the days God hides his face

when sinners cry for rescue.


Wrote this describing the “dark night of the soul”  when one wrestles with God. (Later decided to link up with d’versepoets for Mary’s theme of “invisibility”)