we pull on a mask

or put on the face

true identity, you ask?

hidden without trace


surgery can reduce

or augment one’s chest

we wax, tan, and mousse

to look (expensive) best


switch your gender

buy youth extender

monied culture of pretender



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inheritance of fools

Wrote this “grey haibun” to share at dVerse Poets pub…


A mist of grey grief hangs over us all. Roll call of promising youth, senselessly gunned down before their prime, grows irreversibly longer even as numbers of disconnected, angry youth swell precipitously. Education leaves God out, letting demons in.

Hate disrespects human dignity. Rage destroys human life. Violence disregards meaning of community. Selfishness and rudeness rule (un)social media. We refuse to walk in the life-giving Light; choosing to crawl into the darkness of our own souls.

The civilization of Man is graying fast. Without fear of God, we will fear each other.  Beauty of human culture  fades. We follow a suicidal path and wonder how to write our own obituary.


ashes to ashes

ravens cry over ruins

grey twilight descends



An insightful article regarding philosophical reasons for school shootings HERE


in retro-spect

Lost Moments  2012 artwork by Nick Gentry

Lost Moments 2012
artwork by Nick Gentry

it was the hot summer of ’59

the heat dragged on and on;

migrants sweated in the fields,

youth rumbled in parking lots

after cruising’ saturday night.

bobby left me for a prettier girl

but i didn’t care;  i’d have a

smoke, quick slick a rat tail

comb thru my cropped hair

and find me a better boy,

one who really understood

what was inside me, yeah.



Thanks to Nick Gentry,

for sharing his artistic inspiration with d’Verse poets today.