lil’ lovin’ limerick (1)



I have a dear grandson named Lincoln

whose cuteness can sometimes be stinkin’

I caught his sweet face

his blue eyes?  not a trace

Saying “cheese” is too cheesy, I’m thinkin’

lil’ lincoln logger


energetic blond boy invades our home
it’s so much fun the second time around
he dumps out all the legos on the floor
then drives his toy backhoe across the couch
he brings grandma another book to read
next climbs in grandpa’s lap to eat popcorn
his uncles he adores; follows footsteps
pulls on his boots (wrong feet) to go outdoors
he likes to chase the cats or moo at cows
he’s happy when he’s playing in the dirt
by day’s end we’re all ready for our beds
he reaches out to hug our necks goodnight!



*”blank verse” (no rhyme) written in iambic pentameter (see MTB with Tony at d’Verse)