winds of war

Joseph Farquharson ‘Cauld Blaws the Wind Frae East to West’ (1888)

war is a

desolate, cold mountain;

obstacle to and reason for refugees

where savage wind blows fear,

pelting rain drives misery,

grief burdens the weary,

even as

memories, dreams

ooze away with mud.

Linking this quadrille to dVerse for a “March wind” ekphrastic challenge with Merril…

26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jaya Avendel
    Mar 07, 2022 @ 14:23:22

    The imagery and tone of this piece goes straight to my heart! Beautiful.


  2. Ingrid
    Mar 07, 2022 @ 01:14:28

    Sadly, all of what you said is so very true!


  3. purplepeninportland
    Mar 06, 2022 @ 19:34:31

    Powerful writing, Lynn!


  4. janicead
    Mar 06, 2022 @ 18:05:22

    Refugees running from the worst of mankind. So sad.


  5. Helen Dehner
    Mar 03, 2022 @ 10:16:54

    Your poem illustrates the suffering the pain the horror of men, women and children fleeing their homes … I listened this morning to a woman trying to escape Kiev as she remarked how beautiful the day .. blue skies .. too beautiful for war, my heart broke for her and the many thousands in harm’s way.


  6. Ain
    Mar 03, 2022 @ 09:12:47

    Yes….your words describe it all only too well….


  7. memadtwo
    Mar 03, 2022 @ 07:52:11

    It’s hard not to see the refugees in this painting. One million they are saying now…(K)


  8. merrildsmith
    Mar 03, 2022 @ 07:33:06

    So evocative and true; so very well said. Thank you, Lynn!


  9. rothpoetry
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 20:28:32

    Well done, Lynn. You have described the winds of ware so very well in this poem. Sadly devastating.


  10. Becoming His Tapestry
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 19:52:27

    Amen and amen 🙏🏽 perfectly said


  11. Ken / rivrvlogr
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 19:37:22

    And that is one heavy burden.
    Well said.


  12. pvcann
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 17:35:48

    You have named the horror so well, palpable.


  13. artsandletters9
    Mar 02, 2022 @ 17:20:53

    Powerful verse. Those refugees need our prayers. What a tragedy.


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