interstellar music

P rominent sister cluster

L aunched by cosmic Creator

E ngage celestial song

I n irrepressible praise

A bove benighted planet

D iamonds on black satin

E ver refract God’s glory

S even: sweet sum of wholeness

Written as an acrostic with seven syllables in each line; linking to dVerse

universal experience


do you ever wonder

where do our wild ideas

of aliens and super heroes

or even basic concepts of

right and wrong come from?

do you know why it is

that every one of us cries

god’s name when we

find ourselves helpless

in overwhelming pain?


suppose God is there/here;

do you want to ask him why

so much grief and suffering?

why there is bullying, rape,

school shootings, abuse,

kidnappings, slavery…

why war repeats itself?

why can’t we find a cure for

cancer or unconditional love

in our human relationships?


we only see our dim reality

while a thin veil separates

us from another world of

supernatural beings locked

in a mighty cosmic battle

for this world and all its

inhabitants.  An epic conflict

of evil vs. good rages on

until a fiery end ushers in a

new beginning of perfection.


do we passively wait for

our end to come and that

new world to begin?  No,

we can receive new hearts

now and begin living the

bigger reality, in touch with

God’s original good plan;

reconciled and forgiven,

healing from our brokeness

and rebuilding this world.