look at


He posted photos

on facebook AGAIN

of their most recent

exotic VACATION…

some tropical island

resort, of course.

They’re always

FLYING off together;

and they’re NOT

even married!  No,

they’re too YOUNG

(and foolish) yet…

Peter and Wendy,

WHERE do they

get the money?

The time, well…

THAT they seem

to have plenty of;

those two will







Link with d’Verse and Claudia’s “magical” prompt of having a book character show up in your poem…

facebook fail


“Love” can mean so many things

now seems that “Like” does too…

to give “thumbs up” on facebook

should mean that I like you


may be your photo I admire

or perhaps the words you post…

or could it be that “liking” all,

more friends I’ll have to boast?


if story’s sad and you tap “Like”

be sure you aren’t offending;

if I tap “Like” when you feel bad

will it cause our “unfriend”ing?!



poem written at a friend’s suggestion…final one for National Poetry Month!