fence-post sentinel


strong wings lift…soar swift, silent


red-tailed hawk sights prey



(Wikimedia Commons, photo: Brocken Inaglory)



pure fragrance



observe morning star

breathe lily-of-the-valley

touch rose of sharon


i belong to my beloved

friend and lover of my soul




haiku with ocean view









relentless as time

winds blow, tides swell, breakers foam

shifting sands of shore


husky haiku








walking in fur coat

crisp november afternoon

casting blue shadows


long-legged Lily

meets her short boyfriend, Elmo,

at beagle’s corner.


commence sniffing and wagging…

when he gets too close, she snaps!

we all fall down



Autumn’s glory shines

maples flame and birch blaze

melting into gold


Raindrops fall with tears 

windshield wipers ticking time

sorrow’s misty fog


Precious Autumn flies

away to heaven’s blest blue

singing with angels


Sweet life is brief as 

burning leaves and turning seasons

ashes to ashes.



(In honor of Autumn Elgersma, age 3, of Orange City who

left this world bereft on October 31, 2013)


holy week haiku


The stones will cry out,

“He is coming, He is here!”

Palm branches salute.


This king washes feet,

“Break my body, drink this cup.”

Heart of stone betrays.


He’s crowned, whipped, bleeding;

“My God, have you forsaken?”

Dies on stony hill.


Sunrise in garden;

“Tell me, Sir, where you laid him.”

Stone tomb cannot hold.


haiku…bless you!



Plump red cardinal

dines on snow-dusted seeds, then

flees to frosted spruce.


Winter mittens kit

muscular feline fur ball

balanced on barn door.


Dark cows form huddle

warm breath steaming chilly air

bracing for blizzard.

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