poem in your pocket day

When i began this blog 5 Mays ago, i did not realize today is designated annual “Poem in Your Pocket Day” by The League of Canadian Poets and Academy of American Poets!  How cool is that?  Here’s a pocket-sized poem for the occasion.

a fresh poem

home-grown in

fertile loam of

heart’s dark tome

let thoughts roam

new ideas phloem

seeded, weeded, and

(hopefully) read(ed)

whether new haiku

or favorite sonnet


to carry a

poem in

your pocket!

growth of a writer


mysterious journey

from mechanics

to meaning

is a gradual


like the

budding of

a flower.



humus of a

family garden

of verses:

stories told,

poems recited,

books read,

rhymes mesmerized

then memorized.


a greening love

for the glossy

color of words;

their calligraphic

coded stems;

musical cadence

leafy sounds

and fragrantly

nuanced meanings.


cloudy thoughts

rain clearer as

they flow

inky and wet

through pen

to paper;

dew distills

on blog post



discovery of



is a fresh


of bouquets

or loading

rich fertilizer

into a red


to carry home.