rural commute

Late to join the “journey” prompt at dVerse this week…thanks to our host, Sarah!


living rural still
requires frequent
road trips to town…
for needed groceries,
machinery parts,
or church events.

carefully back out of
narrow garage door
and swing out in arc
avoiding any randomly
parked ATVs, pickup or
farm machinery on yard

past garden and cattle
white-fenced driveway
turn on gravel road until
first crossroad where
choice is made: which
route to which town?

on a blacktop, pass
farms and acreages
of neighbors we know
signs of seasons and
progression of crops
odors of hog barns

past research farms
or busy cheese factory
slow down for yellow
school bus, red tractor
on road, wait at corner
for chromed semi-trucks

old neighborhood

A quadrille (44 words) on the word “lull”,  linking to dVerse Poetics.


no one sits

on their front

porch anymore or

talks to neighbors

across backyard

patio fences.

no children play

on neat lawns

or ride bikes

together down

uneven sidewalks.

plugged-in society,

as dull hum of

blue screens

lull us all to

fitful sleep.