january 2nd

Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai‘s “fuyukasumi” prompt  🙂


national park service photo




prospero ano



letting go…

Collage and year end challenge by Sammi Cox featured here.




another year dying

look in

clearer rearview


can’t take time back

times of drought


hollow spaces


weeds gone to seed

yet light persisted


blessings come of age


life grows green anew

looking ahead into

new year

past has passed


let regret go





eye of the pheasant

This beautiful bloom is Pheasant’s eye, fukujusĹŤ, or New Year’s Day Plant. It grows in many mountainous areas of Japan. It begins to show new leaves in February or March and flowers with small bright yellow blossoms of 10 to 20 petals with a strong glow. Since the flowering time fell in the New Year season according to the lunar calendar, it was used as a decoration for the New Year, and so… some farmers grow it especially to flower for the First of January…The name actually means : Plant of good fortune and long life, “prosperity grass” or “longevity grass”. (information from CDHK, see link below)


japanese new year

fukujusoo wishes you

good fortune, long life


Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai today…Happy New Year!

once in a blue monday


since today is a holiday

and the weekend is coming…

i’ll start a new diet on Monday.


a cold wind blows outside

and the treadmill is covered…

so think i’ll go running on Monday.


there are after-holiday sales

and new year’s advertisers…

i’ll balance the budget on Monday.


i want to visit the neighbors

and spend time with my friends…

guess i’ll call somebody on Monday.


so many books to be read and

ideas for poems to be written…

hope i feel inspired on Monday!



(entry in wePoets Showit contest this month)