messenger pigeon


He cried tears of sorrow

over creatures who rebelled

and washed the earth clean

of violence in ancient times

( humanity hasn’t changed )

faith-full Noah rode out storm

with motley-crewed menagerie

in huge hand-built (pitched

and precariously pitching) boat

until drencher rain stopped,

floodwaters began to recede

when raven embarks from ark,

on long reconnaissance mission

pumping back and forth across

expansive sea on strong wings.

days later, Noah let out a dove,

delicate creature in search of

nesting place for her young.

first flight aborted, exhausted

re-released after (weak) week

she returns with an olive branch

of peace to the human family (who

bowed) under God’s bow of promise

— aimed back at Him who would

bear our sin and rescue the world.



A prose poem linked to dVerse poets where Laura Bloomsbury encourages us to take flight!

dark prophet


photo & inspiration from Frank J. Tassone


midnight madness

Response to Mary’s d’Verse poetics (choose a quote, write a poem)   photo: Brainy Quotes











lacking sleep my mind felt bleary

blinking smoke my eyes grew teary

my date’s drinking made me leery

“Ed,” I said in tone too cheery,

“give your keys to Raven, dearie.”


He shook his head and said, “Lenore,

pleeezsh let me open your car door.

That bird’s slow driving is a bore.”

He stepped the pedal to the floor;

we crashed…I’m gone, forevermore.