Memorial Day U.S.A.


Humid morning mist baptizes rural

community’s hushed burial grounds;

Church youth arise early to prepare holiday

breakfast in nearby park shelter;

 Hungry celebrants line up, awaiting

warm pancakes with smoky sausage;

 Friendly conversations intertwine; words

floating above steamy coffee cups;

 Veterans, Boy Scouts and bicycles are

decorated to parade down Main Street;

 Large multi-generational crowd gathers under

flags flying at peaceful cemetery green;

 Rousing song, patriotic speech, humble prayer

offered gratefully for one nation under God;

 Tearful memories stir when flags lower to solemn

sound of drum roll, taps, and twenty-one guns;

 Americans honor the selfless sacrifices

of military families and our fallen heroes;

 We remember that peace comes with a price,

paid in blood and bravery for our freedoms.


flanders fields salute


Distillation: “distill” long poem (In Flanders Field by John McCrae) into haiku

remember blood debts

white crosses stand,  red poppies

bloom in Flanders fields.



red poppy is the symbol of freedom

red poppy is also known as field poppy

red poppy is a celebration of battlefield heroics

red poppy is most recognizable symbol for disabled veterans of many countries

red poppy is a symbol that brings home the catastrophe of war

red poppy is not to glorify war

red poppy is inherently a symbol of peace.



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