civil (?) rights

Joining Real Toads in Imaginary Garden today on the theme:                                           “I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream” -title by Harlan Ellison


unborn baby girl
dodging abortion’s
sharp instruments

has mouth but
voice not heard
muffled in womb

unsafe sanctuary
tiny life unwanted
no fault of her own

they shout about
women’s rights,
“now let me grow

into a woman
strong, nurturing
seasoned in love —

help! it’s got me!
torn me…bleeding”
hear silent scream


image from


the blood moon

is a woman;

she bleeds her

monthly tide

as proof of

her fertility;


she labors

through phases

add nausea-um

waxes gibbous

and convulses

with hot birth.


her heart aches

behind the

dark side of


a face that

no one sees.


her secret

sorrow is the

knowledge that

she’s only the

reflecting mirror

of manly sun’s glory.



Observed lunar eclipse October 8, 2014