animal dynamics in 6/8

Linking to dVerse poetics where Victoria hosts a musical theme.  Gotta love the sound of musical terms and be amused by antics of animals at their own unique tempo!


sheep doloroso bleats

chicken vivace peeps

horse grazioso clopsunknown

bullfrog legato hops

kittens vibrato mew

cattle adagio chew

deer acapella leap

ants presto creep

grizzly forte growls

wolf cadenza howls

puppy capriccio frisks

squirrels bourree whisk


woodl and trail


snails slide

worms wiggle

gulls glide

jellyfish jiggle


cats crouch

dogs dawdle

sloths slouch

wombats waddle


ponies prance

bunnies bounce

ducklings dance

panthers pounce


kangaroos kick

tigers tumble

porcupines prick

bees bumble


bears brawl

lemmings leap

crabs crawl

sheep sleep


…and weeee little people?

chitter-chatter, pitter-patter!



for the grands…and all kids at heart  🙂