taki trail

Waterfall (taki) themed haiku featured at Carpe Diem


waimea canyon

trailing mist of silver veil

hike to waterfall



photo by lynn



How are we wandering Americans to know it’s Canada’s provincial parks camping weekend?  Of course, all campgrounds from Jasper to Banff are overflowing so we drive on. Sun is setting low over the pass when we find a lonely parking lot near trailhead where we can park our pickup camper for the night. Tired of riding, we decide to check out the trail as dusk settles on forest.

Light fades fast in the high country, exaggerating shapes and shadows.  Full skirts of fir trees appear as dark illustrations straight from the Brothers Grimm.  My apprehension only serves to amplify the crunch of pine needles and sounds of skittering.  We meet last pair of hikers coming back down trail and I note they have walking sticks equipped with bear bells.


night envelops trees

alpine woods bathed in shadow

autumn falls early


Poets at dVerse are writing haibuns and “forest bathing” this week!

woodland haiku


pine-scented cool shade

tinkling of hiker’s bear bells

alpine forest trail


Enjoy a walk in the woods today at  http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.se/2014/08/carpe-diem-533-forest.html

woodl and trail


snails slide

worms wiggle

gulls glide

jellyfish jiggle


cats crouch

dogs dawdle

sloths slouch

wombats waddle


ponies prance

bunnies bounce

ducklings dance

panthers pounce


kangaroos kick

tigers tumble

porcupines prick

bees bumble


bears brawl

lemmings leap

crabs crawl

sheep sleep


…and weeee little people?

chitter-chatter, pitter-patter!



for the grands…and all kids at heart  🙂