liquid laughter mists

refreshes ~ encourages

name means waterfall




photo by lynn

taki trail

Waterfall (taki) themed haiku featured at Carpe Diem


waimea canyon

trailing mist of silver veil

hike to waterfall



photo by lynn

sound of water


source: CDHK



kema-cho, japan

hear gently falling water

whispering to leaves


photo by lynn













kemah, galveston

seagulls on boardwalk

soft waves lapping pier

tan renga florals

A tan renga is written by 2 poets:  the first writes a haiku, the second writes a 2-line response.  Join the fun at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai in the merry month of May!  (photo credits: CDHK)


morning glory!
the well bucket-entangled, Blue Morning Glory
I ask for water

© Chiyo-Ni (1703-1775)

rope loosens bucket
I go home thirsty!

(c) lynn__


petal lanterns —
a waterfall of flowers
her lips touch mine

© Hamish Managua Gunn

softest rain showers
love’s fragrance divine

(c) lynn__

fireworks celebration


independence day

hands held over little ears

waterfall of sparks


photo credit: dreamstime

photo credit: dreamstime


rest for awhile

behind waterfall

wet sounds overpower stress

cool mist is rising


photo by Wyldecamp, May 2014 (above Hanging Lake, CO)


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