beauty is …


evident in


deny one’s

own needs

to satisfy one

who’s even

more needy.


go hungry to

feed a child,

feel thirsty by

sharing last

water bottle,

be humbled by

another’s honor.


listen to



ease a pain,

change a bed

or diaper for

young or old.


doesn’t come

naturally, but

life and love

will demand

we give up

our own ugly



if we want to

live beautiful.



Written for Mary’s poetry prompt on “beauty” at d’Verse Poets

real thanks-living



“give thanks in all things”

thankful in the broken?

yes, even though…


minds may be murky

hearts can feel hurt-full

bodies sometimes besieged


our bleeding relationships

offered as sacrifice on altar

are sweet-smelling fragrance


only in our broken-ness

can we ever become

wise,  humble, healed.


there’s an aching beauty

in a cracked heirloom plate

or a rusty antique tractor


beauty begging to be

restored, renewed

to re-live again


living forever grateful!



(I Thessalonians 5:16-18)

stained glass


church is his Body

diversely stained cut pieces

peace through unity


grace gifts from Spirit

blooming flowers of the field

beauty incarnate


love sets hearts aflame

bathes whole world in true light




Photo inspiration from Chèvre at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

singular beauty of one

one root

one stem

one bloom


one cry

one night

one newborn


one life

one chance

one choice


one word

one phrase

one story


one faith

one Father

one only Son


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