hope surprises

Keeping hope alive with dVerse Poets in a “quadrille” of exactly 44 words…


hope dangles around courage’s neck,

name etched on soldier’s dog tag.


image by lynn


hope throbs within young love’s heart,

hands held in first awkward clasp.


hope gazes into future’s eyes,

grandchildren carry family name.


hope laughs in fear’s masked face,

dove flies home after violent storm.

seems only the best are taken

To honor Rallyn Van Beek, Betty Mennega, Kara Tippets, Phyllis Meerdink, and Ed Zomermaand; whose loss is grieved, whose memory is treasured, whose faith is rewarded!

pilgrims on a journey

through lonely valley

of uncertain, unchosen

battles of aging, cancer,

treatments, injury and pain.

how to understand it?

how to go on? one step by

wobbly step, one tough day to next;

Spirit lifts struggling saints

 in present hard grief to

glimpse higher vision.

their suffering redeemed by

the Father for holy purpose as

spirits grow ever stronger

with time, faith and courage.

dying is simply a

passageway to paradise,

true rest, complete healing;

they know the Prince of Peace

who calls and carries them home.


photo: “Rose of Sharon” (crown anemone) in “Promised Land” (Israel)