purple cabbage in a green pail

photo by lynn__

dewy morning veins

garden pail holds cabbage head

salivates coleslaw



hovering in garden patch

photo credit: lansing wild birds unlimited bloodspot

photo credit: lansing wild birds unlimited blogspot


                                                 butterfly trio

white petals flirt

                                  passing wings

                                                        dainty cabbage pests


My haiku flits like little butterfly to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai‘s garden of cabbages…

summer camper

Linking with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai….

photo credit: afbini.gov.uk

photo credit: afbini.gov.uk

virtual ball in Tuscany


invitation to

a poets’ party

yes, i’ll come!

where?  what

better place than

Boboli’s garden;

grounds of the

Pitti Palace, in

fair Florence,

heart of the



hanging out

at “the Pub”,

d’Verse Poets,

is part of my

personal poetic


fair garden of


each statuesque,

monumental in

creative voice.


here i can

find “The (an)

Abundance” of

poetic ideas,

original online

fruits of writers

dedicated to

sculpting marble

thoughts into words

to share veritable

bounty of beauty.


raise your hand

clink the glass

give a toast (of

bronze wheat,

golden corn or

ripened vine)

to salute the

“pub tenders”,

party hosts who

serve all a happy

3rd anniversary!



photo: The Abundance 1608 – 1637 by Sebastiano Salvini

Giardino di Boboli at Palazzo Pitti, Florence


apology to Basho


garden’s yellow star

shining between dawn and dusk

i claim her melons



My response to CDHK prompt to “revise” master haiku 🙂

farm garden sonnet

Emeralds are growing in this plot of mine;

Wet diamonds drip along each stem and blade.

Pea pods hold treasured pearls of the vine,

Rich mud deposits wealth upon my spade.

Huge heads of cabbage split with dewy weight

Match mercenary broccoli’s envied green.

Tomatoes blushed like rubies tempt and bait.

Potatoes’ karats gain interest unseen,

While beans of jade hide underneath soft leaf,

And sweet corn kernels ripen time to gold.

Why should I share my gems with raccoon thief?

Let’s harvest booty till the ground turns cold.

A cornucopia of food to live!

Thanksgiving’s a small price for us to give.




Still-life form lay in garden;

very image of the holy tri-unity

perfectly cast in brown clay.


The divine animator stoops,

gently cradles prone body, then

exhales his inimitable spirit life.


Heart beats as chest rises;

eyes flutter open in surprise

as first man meets his maker.


Breathe on us, into us,

that we, so cold dead in sin,

might inhale pure love with


respirations of clear joy,

to live grace-full and forgiven;

the image of God, restored.


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