under his wings


God covers me

with his gentle hand

like a warm coat

in winter winds.


He covers me

with his wide mercy

like a big umbrella

in spring downpour.


He covers me

with his tender love

like a bridal tent

in summer sun.


He covers me

with his life’s blood

like a full pardon

in fall starkness.


He covers me

with his eternal grace

like a safe shelter

in all seasons.


“We live under an umbrella of goodness and mercy.”  (Pastor T. on Psalm 23)

“I am my beloved’s and he is mine…his banner over me is love.” (Song of Songs)




thank you, Jesus,

for crediting my debit

account with your

righteous deposit;

paying my bail bond

with forever love that

is more than enough,

adding the generous

interest of God’s mercy

and writing my name

into your will as an

unlikely heiress of our

Father’s kingdom with

free daily benefits of

the Spirit’s gifts plus

an out-of-this-world

retirement plan;

such an offer i’d be

a fool to refuse.













shared with Love Idol movement, based on book (of same title) by Jennifer Dukes Lee





Maybe God cries 

big tears of sadness

when grey skies rain,

grieving over evil in 

the world muddied by

our prideful rebellion.


His beloved children

deceived by the

enemy in snakeskin,

swiftly ushering in

disease and death

spoiling paradise,

stealing happiness.


God cries with us 

in our suffering,

pain, regret, loss.

Our Father’s tears

mingle with our own

to bring release

and comfort for our

souls’ grey sorrows.


Yet weather’s tears

cannot clean

the dark stains 

of hands and hearts

steeped in sin.

Only the pure blood

of His Son, our brother,

can wash all guilt away

in flood of grace.





Still-life form lay in garden;

very image of the holy tri-unity

perfectly cast in brown clay.


The divine animator stoops,

gently cradles prone body, then

exhales his inimitable spirit life.


Heart beats as chest rises;

eyes flutter open in surprise

as first man meets his maker.


Breathe on us, into us,

that we, so cold dead in sin,

might inhale pure love with


respirations of clear joy,

to live grace-full and forgiven;

the image of God, restored.


narrow way


Just as a 

wren wriggles

through a small hole

to nestle in the safe haven

of a snug and lofty bird house,


And a barn

cat walks thin

to gain access into

the cozy tunnel shelter of

stacked staw bales in winter,


Or a tiny

freckled gecko slips

itself through a crack

to enter, gratis, into

a tropical luxury hotel,


So any of

us sinner folk

may pass by faith

through the narrow gate

to live in peace and paradise.


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