give honor where honor due


Hallowed be your name?

be set apart, made holy

to know God, to make him known

but we are an unholy people

hollow/hollowed out, hurt/ hurting

we’ve brought shame on your name

we have put out the bright signal fires

even dousing them with tepid water

yet, when life’s trouble terrifies us

we again take your name on our lips

cry for help in hopeless places

look for you in unfamiliar faces

you hear, you answer, you come

dispel our soul darkness

heal our heart wounds

wake us to our real life

Hallowed be your name!



holy places revisited

We’ve celebrated Easter…Pentecost is coming! 


burning bush in desert place

holy ground tread with bare feet

temple built as sacred space

where heaven and earth did meet


virgin’s womb a holy space

where divine entered our world

fishing boat or grassy place;

when Jesus spoke, truth unfurled


upon the cross where he stayed

hanging between sacred space

in the garden where he laid

death couldn’t silence holy grace


holiness we now receive

spirit fire from heaven’s hand

wholly people who believe

God’s house gathers from all lands





holy places everywhere

Linking to dVerse Poets pub where Amaya hosts tonight…



here can be a holy place

anywhere a sacred space

only need to be aware

heaven isn’t way up there


thinner threads within the veil

may allow a visage through

listen quiet to the pale

heart and hope again renew


gathered for a funeral or

as mist the woodland fills

in a mood ephemeral

when attentiveness distills


subtle warmth of offered tea

or soft-scented flower bud

sound of bird in linden tree

opens inner space to God




prayer for open heart surgery



make us holy,


where we are broken,


where we are bound,


where we are empty,


where we are lost,



open our hearts,

repair the holes

make us holy

wholly yours.


Amen –  may it be so.