moisture’s dew point

Kim at dVerse Poets hosts “rain” quadrille (44 words) prompt this week…


mist hangs thin veil

covers landscape, 

shrouds horizon.

sky heavy with humidity

air’s mood presses in,

mildly claustrophobic;

when clouds cannot rain.


hair hangs thick veil

covers face,

shrouds emotion.

heart heavy with futility

mind’s mood presses in,

wildly claustrophobic;

when tears cannot reign.



holy places everywhere

Linking to dVerse Poets pub where Amaya hosts tonight…



here can be a holy place

anywhere a sacred space

only need to be aware

heaven isn’t way up there


thinner threads within the veil

may allow a visage through

listen quiet to the pale

heart and hope again renew


gathered for a funeral or

as mist the woodland fills

in a mood ephemeral

when attentiveness distills


subtle warmth of offered tea

or soft-scented flower bud

sound of bird in linden tree

opens inner space to God