moisture’s dew point

Kim at dVerse Poets hosts “rain” quadrille (44 words) prompt this week…


mist hangs thin veil

covers landscape, 

shrouds horizon.

sky heavy with humidity

air’s mood presses in,

mildly claustrophobic;

when clouds cannot rain.


hair hangs thick veil

covers face,

shrouds emotion.

heart heavy with futility

mind’s mood presses in,

wildly claustrophobic;

when tears cannot reign.



must be her orange hair

Join Victoria at dVerse poets’ pub as she interviews one of our founders, Claudia, and challenges us to write a sevenling! 


Painting by Claudia Schoenfeld, used by permission.


invite friends from upstairs

mix chill drinks with a flair

offer fresh dijon pears

how she tickles the keys

recites free verse with ease

painting art on a breeze


while her deaf dog sleeps soundly under the chair.


my mother’s face


her warm, dark eyes

watched perceptively,

beneath arched brow.


framed by her thick

brunette mane, cut short

as was her retirement.


she wore brimmed hats

for shade so her hair color

wouldn’t fade red in sun.


her coiffure was her crown,

until news of lung cancer

and chemo styled dread.


she fell ill with infection

that took her too quickly,

before chemo could begin.


at least, she was spared

losing her beautiful hair;

i wish i had one lock of it.