mariner’s musings


when warmer air stirs sweet memories on
those youthful days when he sailed waves of sea
feeling of freedom worth dreaming upon

he watched the sky in experienced way
and listened for foghorn’s woeful low sound
to safely guide ship back into the bay

love of the sea understood beyond speech
lives on after old sailor’s laid to rest
like signal of lighthouse on rocky beach




Laura Bloomsbury challenges us to write three tercets in pentameter (optional) with set rhyme scheme. Linking to dVerse Poets

armchair aussome

My ears would smile to hear the Aussies talk

Heart sail away on Sydney’s opera house

Mind glow with climb of Table Cape lighthouse

My eyes would laugh at sunrise on red Rock.


Experience down-under is my wish

View platypus, wombat, and kangaroo

Hear Aboriginal didgeridoo  (whoo-oo)

Taste fresh-caught barramundi in my dish.


To drive along high cliffs of Ocean Road

And lay upon Johanna’s sandy beach

To know koala habitat’s in reach,

This be the best stay-cation i download!