Divertimento – Anna Bon

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme, Let the Music Inspire You


amorous courtship

pair of lovebirds in pear tree

dovetailed nesters dance


Fantasie – Fanny Medelssohn

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme, Let the Music Inspire You


musical siblings

piano and cello play

duet…or duel?


Fanny was a sister to Felix and a wonderful composer in her own right!

Flowers’ Waltz – Tchaikovsky

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme, Let the Music Inspire You


texan bluebonnets

wave swells across pasture

breeze stirring wild joy

Air – J.S. Bach

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme: Let the Music Inspire You


first gleam of daylight

glory crescendoes in clouds

sun slowly rises

Raindrop prelude – Chopin

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme: Let the Music Inspire You

raindrops fall gently

converge in heavy downpour

storm cleanses landscape

yokoburi at risefest

The Japanese, who invented haiku, are so “tuned in” to weather and seasonal changes that they actually have 50 different words for rain!  Yokoburi means “driving rain”, as Toni explains at dVerse Poets while serving up haibuns.


The northern sky looks dark but we clutch our tickets and lawn chairs, scanning the crowd for an open spot of grass. Undiminished by wringer of day’s work in humidity, we feel pumped for loud, driving beats of drums and bass guitar. A preliminary speaker takes the stage; her enthusiasm covers as a squall stall. Restless for concert to begin, we leave our chairs to search for supper among the vendor stands: pizza by the slice, walking tacos, churro bites, BBQ beef or bratz on bun, cookie on a stick, warm funnel cakes and cold lemonade. We chat with a mom and her stepsons at our picnic table; sharing napkins, talking about noisy boys. Then we wander back to our seats as band takes the stage, under threatening clouds. Let the music begin! Two songs in, clapping crowd is hushed by announcement to go to our cars as a storm is rolling in. A controlled chaos ensues as a thousand people simultaneously fold up camp and head for the parking lot. A strong gust of wind pushes us over tangled net fences to the relative shelter of our cars. A wild prairie storm steals show as headliner tonight.

outdoor concert rips

rain blows across tattered stage

hail drums staccato

spring notes

Playing with tan renga form at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

forgotten flute

shadows of leaves
cover the open holes
her flute forgotten
                         (© Jane Reichhold)

she dances with woodland nymphs

notes floating on music of trees

(c) lynn__

decades of dance


courtly quadrille folk dance

waltzing matilda, she cancan

charlie does the charleston

c’mon baby, let’s twist

square skip your pardner

locomotion make love potion

disco dancin’, groovy prancin’

strut like king tutankhamen

play macarena on ocarina

from bebop to hip-hop,

music gonna move us!


A quadrille is a folk dance or a poem of exactly 44 words, not including title.  At dVerse Poets Pub today, we’re writing quadrilles with the word “skip”.  

a blossoming troiku

flautist gardener
first solo: to a wild rose
fragrance of music

flautist gardener

symphony of pink blossoms

trilling the high notes


solo: to wild rose

gardener hums while pruning

bees join orchestra


fragrance of music

softly floating vibrato

bow to pink applause

photo by lynn

photo by lynn

A troika ia a Russian sleigh pulled by a trio of horses hitched abreast of each other; a troiku is  a form of one base haiku (the sleigh) pulled by three stanzas (the horses), each beginning with a line from the original.   I’m not certain I’ve done it correctly but more information can be found at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai site on this interesting form!

cozy comfort, aye




Irish peppermint is mite refreshing cup o’ tea on snowy eve!


music from Slow players.org

music from Slow players.org


let there be music!



planets spinning,

moons’ revolving,

hear the stars sing!

atoms whirling,

cells alive swirling,

let seasons ring!

redwood voices tall,

wild flowing waterfall,

join nature’s newsong!

livestock ruminate,

humans communicate,

each hums their own

unique lifesong!

all corners of cosmos,

given the chance,

will loudly praise him

as lord of the dance.


listen to the music!



Linking to:  d’Verse Poets: Influence of Music

recital reminisce


when my son fingers those keys,

notes of Beethoven or Debussy

float like delicate butterflies to

bring happy summer to my ears


like sweet notes of summer, our

time flutters by on soft wings as

his beard appears… soon Nevue’s

music on my piano may fall silent



(from “Play it again, Toads”,  link to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads)



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