crumbling lady edifices crucifix


Dark-vowelled smoking columns aspire ruin

as dust-tongued, forested roof caves innavely;

water-spoken island surrenders to timbers

of flamed and lillified heaven-circling pyre.


Aghast of tragedy, fire-dwarfed gargoyles are

hearting a tear-culled Paris in hymnally tone

to dignify bell-voiced ash of towering ages;

above rubble, The King’s cross, power-gilded stands.



Linking to dVerse poetics with Laura Bloomsbury and loving the hyphenate-coined words by poet Dylan Thomas (as featured in my poem).

remembering 9/11

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read names
fell with towers
in flames

hushed speech
pentagon walls
terror’s reach

bells toll
where plane went down
grass knoll


Musette form (by Emily Romano) is a poem of 3 verses of 3 lines each.

First lines have 2 syllables; second lines have 4 syllables, third lines have 2. 

Rhyme scheme is a/b/a for first verse; c/d/c for second and e/f/e for third.