come home to harbor

Lillian is serving up quadrilles at the dVerse poets pub tonight!


may home be calm harbor

where load is lighter, not harder

welcome all with warmest ardor

share from heart’s generous larder

offer love a safe haven to anchor

retreat from world’s loud rancor

into shelter of peaceful arbor

make our home a restful harbor



fishing for stars

“Tan renga” chained together for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where Delores wrote a beautiful haiku reminding me of poem by Eugene Fields and park sculpture.


clouds and waves
carry my dreams away
tugging my anchor

© Dolores

drift along in private boat
of winkin’ blinkin’ and nod

© lynn__


whitecaps on layered waves

Re-sting poolside, this filigree of laced memory
is a white albatross painted on far anchor; these
sailboat silhouettes woven into plusSHh beach towel
spread over warm concrete hold recurring dream of
air bubbles floating up, sun-dappled, to break surface.

Fading in silence, she calmly watches her lung-full of
oxygen de-liber-ately escape; falling through life’s briefly
inflated ring while the knotted rope unravels swiftly from its
bitt over slippery polished deck. Aware of drowning yet able
to finger-trace scrollwork on bow christened, “esperanza”.

What if everything really is a meaningless vanity?
white rails appear sturdy but it’s only recycled plastic fence of
culture’s kiddie pool your wet and shivering identity leans on?

Going down, sinking into refracted clouds; slip thru tatted
tangle of seaweed, past intertwined corpses of coral, to lay
quiet, prone on smooth stones (fearing rusty drain at bottom).
Watery depths cannot claim billow of main sail forever and a
gleaming gull wings star-board, past lifeguard’s empty chair.

My response to Claudia’s challenge at D’Verse Poets Pub to write “layered poem”…