birdie’s b & b


image from Carpe Diem


morning of wedding
in small town setting
pass the raspberry jam

baskets of muffins
platters of melons
eggs with sausage & ham

under the arbor
of appetite’s ardor
the groom, his men & fam

raise teacups to toast us
(july sun ’bout roasts us)
antique china serves glam!







Eleven years ago today, our oldest son married his sweet bride in Corsica, S. Dakota. Our hostess served us a sumptuous breakfast out in the orchard.

leaving crumbs

i.    shiny stainless toaster

SpRiNgs into action —

POP goes the bagel

ii.   cream cheese spr ea d

on blueberry,  butter smMeared

on cinnaMON–raisin

iii.  quick AND easy breakfast

one more,  “thanks mom”

gotta GO !


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