looking for eden

caretakers of earth

placed in garden for purpose

listen to the soil

all creatures on green planet

need resources to sustain


photo by lynn

contentment is green



Earth’s new spring green

sings a theme serene

for ears and eyes keen

to creation’s pastoral scene.


On hills’ grassy sheen

fresh rain-washed clean

sheep shearer has seen

fluff-puff wool to glean.


A poets’ paradise pristine,

if you know what i mean.



For dVerse Poets “green” quadrille challenge and with my apologies to Luci Shaw ūüôā


green writes its own haiku


Photo: Spring Poetry by Alex Markovich


spring’s pale green raindrops

cling trembling to bare branches

spatter on sidewalk


enslaved boy set free

patrick loved his enemies

truth drowns in green beer


swords of irises

pierce soil and snow to touch sun

rising from bulbs’ tomb


lenten trail


spikes of succulent

dormant life’s sharp green focus

point of redemption



photo by Ladd W.

summer’s listening ears

Linking with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai today…

Haiga by lynn

Haiga by lynn

seasons time glass

Joining Carpe Diem’s time glass¬†challenge today!
first celebrate
the flowers in your heart
confined in winter

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)
sworl of green stirs heart
first crocus pokes thru soil
goodbye to winter

-lynn (tr. by reader)

Photo credit: Annette Mc Carthy Old Farmers Almanac site
Photo credit: Annette Mc Carthy
Old Farmers Almanac site

high (organic green) tea

My response¬†to Kristjaan’s¬†“high tea” invitation!


zhena’s gypsy tea

coconut chai aroma

 taste a splash of cream

who’s the big green dude?



The Thinker by Rodin (Wikipedia)



A contemplative philosopher?

intense, that’s for sure

(notice the curled toes)

but perhaps he’s a…


defeated athlete

flexing male model

confused caveman

rejected lover

famous architect

benched ball player

death row inmate

taxed accountant

jolly green giant


whoever he is,

he’s gotta be thinking…

where did I leave my clothes??


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