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maundy thursday meal

passover lamb serves supper

taste body and blood


good friday trial

soldiers nail God to wood beams

love’s great sacrifice


silent saturday

women weep while Jesus sleeps

he will rise again!



1510 fragment – Matthias Grunewald, Netherlands

INRI stems from the Latin phrase ‘Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum‘ meaning ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’. This was the notice Pontius Pilate nailed to the cross.


palms for alms

I am that beggar on the ancient road of cobbled stones in Jerusalem, begging alms in the city of the king, near David’s tomb. The Passover crowds pass by me on their way through the golden gate to the Temple mount, singing songs of ascent. I limp out of the chaotic throng, pressing my back against the stone wall and clutching my empty cup. What is that I hear? Shouts of “Hosanna, save us”! Now I see ecstatic children waving palm branches before a rabbi astride a young horse; no, he rides a humble donkey. As they pass, Jesus looks into my eyes; a gaze that overwhelms me with compassion.  I pick up a palm frond as the shofar sounds the call to worship: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”


crowds shout hosannas

rejoice in the coming king

my cup overflows




royalty free stock photo




the source


I John 4:19


Jesus IS…the first,



true love of my life.


God IS…the author

of all real love.

He pursues his own with a



irresistible gracious love.


In fact,

“God is crazy about YOU…and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

(to quote an anonymous coffee cup)


happy valentines day 





falling UP

This simple poem reads like original McGuffey Reader style!


“TRY one small Bite,”

hissed snake to Eve;

By APPetite,

they were DeceiveD.


It was our FALL

when parents fell;

As rebels ALL

were Doomed to heLL.


Adam hid from God

in Guilt and Shame;

His Son walked sod,

JESUS, his Name.


His Mission here:

Be Reconciled,

relieve our FEAR,

make me God’s Child


By FAITH we can

know Love, hold Peace

and from our bond-

AGE find Release !








La via dolorosa
the way of suffering
tell me, Who would
choose to suffer?

Plenty of suffering
here to go around:
pain, grief
rejection, loneliness
bullying, abuse
derision, disease, death.

None of us immune
all of us sinners
except the immutable Son of man.
He chose the via dolorosa
only he could
only he would
bear all our misery and loss
on rough wooden beams of
a Roman cross:
ugly method of torture
cruel means of execution
for common criminals.

What crime deserved piercing?
His uncommon love for us
pierced his magnanimous heart
spilled gracious agape love
to wash our dirt clean away…

His via dolorosa is
our way home to the Father,
who turned away from
our hideous sins
borne on the bleeding back
of his beloved son.

Shadows fell on his
forsaken and disfigured form
when he descended into hell
Praise God, now we will never be forsaken
we need not smell the sulphur or feel the heat.

Let us kiss the nail printed feet
of our Redeemer – Rescuer
who walked the cobbled streets
of the via dolorosa uphill to Calvary.

built on a rock


Jesus asks question:

who do you say that i am?

profession of faith


spirit descends from sky

father love declares favor




Way to Santiago – January theme at CDHK 

sweet anticipation


we live

and breathe

His Name,


true believers

his chosen bride

washed pure

cleaned by blood

prepared, beloved,

waiting for our

honored groom’s arrival;

to see his face

be claimed by grace.

all nature sing,

returning King

comes victorious

our future,







Jesus, the


when followed,

turned around

and asked,

dark eyes

so focused,

“What do

you want?”


he asks us

too, what

is it you




Is it




matthew henry’s commentary


Jesus is healer

his word is “panpharmacon

– salve for every sore”

whatever the affliction

no matter the addiction


(Matthew 4:23-25)


epiphany in unity


grant us clarity

our love’s beauty transparent

pray they may see you










who’s the fairest of them all?



and mirrors

times won’t tell

jenner needs jesus

gorgeous man/woman

surgery cannot fix a soul

remember michael jackson?

courageous or sadly confused

 grown children wander fatherless

rain on / rein in transgender parade

society on a thrilling roller coaster drop

rain on / rein in transgender parade

grown children wander fatherless

courageous or sadly confused

remember michael jackson?

surgery cannot fix a soul

gorgeous woman/man

jenner needs jesus

times won’t tell

mirrors and



Written in palindrome (mirror poem) form.  Sample more at D’verse Poets Pub

lead us not into temptation


Weak from long fasting,

Lord encounters Lucifer

in desert place; nothing

to eat here but rocks so

why not turnover a stone?


we live by vital words

from God’s own mouth;

deep, soul nourishment.

not using power selfishly

to satisfy one’s own desires.




Life in the balance on top

spire of temple; high above

pavement, a suicidal dance

with the devil, who misquotes

scripture like loaded weapon.


don’t listen to lies saying

jump, tempting God himself;

death is not the solution and

fools twist truth on daily basis

but the wise wait in quiet trust.




A mountaintop experience

with panoramic worldview.

prince of this world boasts

big promises: you can have

it all, if you will just bow to me.


you schemer, get out of here!

shortcuts can ruin better plan.

father provides all that’s needed

and i must follow the harder

path of obedience to his will.

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