evening glow

Joining dVerse Poetics prompt:  moon muse personified…


photo by lynn


One beautiful summer’s eve, Moon hosted a gala dinner party on Earth’s patio but did not invite Sun (understandably, as he always seems to outshine her best efforts and makes a point of it).  The Stars, however, like to imitate Sun’s braggadocio and would have enjoyed bringing his ego down a notch.  Miss Moon animated the night, elegant (as always) in her pale dress with feathery cloud shawl caressing her white shoulders.  The Stars regaled their gracious host with tales of the Hunter and Great Bear.  They all joined in the ancient songs, illuminating the night sky.  A misty-eyed Moon finally bid farewell to the fading planets and slipped into bed just before the jilted Sun blazed hot on the horizon.


moon reflects sun’s face

heavenly bodies sing praise

shine created light







Linking with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai “power of words” theme:  movement

“Haiku is the poetry of nature and nature is always in motion…” ~ Chèvrefeuille, CDHK host




summer daylight fades

earth turns away from sun’s face

weed bows seedful head



goatsbeard photos by lynn


European tour: Portugal

Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai wraps up virtual tour of Europe.


ocean waves lap shore

dig toes into warm wet sand

soak in sunshine coast



(photo credit: CDHK)

pre~dawn music


birdsong symphony

set treetops a~twittering

praise their Creator


a~waken, you sleepyheads

greet with joy a~rising sun!



inversion // diversion

tangerine sun

rolllling deliciously


to/ward blue sky-bowl’s rim

sWELLs briefly into

navel orange…then

ruby red grapefruit

e-long-gates to lemon wedge

be/fore drrroppping


green earth-table’s edge.

don’t taste the slush


gutter drips

january thaw

snow piles are shrinking away

sun warms bare branches of naked trees

dirt exposed




Like cinquain: 5 lines, but “oddly”modified syllable pattern (see previous post).

Linking to Tony’s “meeting the bar” challenge at  d’VersePoets!


what time is it?


man knows not his,

yet, by tracking time,

we try to master it.


shadows on sundials,

changing of calendars,

watching the clocks.


time is cosmic order:

spheres circling suns

moons orbiting planets.


from cradle to grave,

out of crib into coffin,

time carries us away.


memories of childhood,

youth’s fond dreams, our

strength and beauty fade.


we cannot stop time

but perhaps we can

slow it by sabbath;


pause to pray, praise

give thanks for grace,

we rest, he restores!



Inspired by Jan.11, 2015  sermon by Pastor John Lee on Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

seeing stars

Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s stars


hot crystalline light

sparkling diamonds on velvet

birthed in nebula


cold faceted snow

glittering sequins on lace

reflections of sun


bright angelic song

praising Star-Maker who wears

royal diadem

you are here


on Orion’s arm

of Milky Way galaxy

freckle of light ~Sun!



Link to: Carpe Diem “Milky Way”


image from en.wikipedia.org


the blood moon

is a woman;

she bleeds her

monthly tide

as proof of

her fertility;


she labors

through phases

add nausea-um

waxes gibbous

and convulses

with hot birth.


her heart aches

behind the

dark side of


a face that

no one sees.


her secret

sorrow is the

knowledge that

she’s only the

reflecting mirror

of manly sun’s glory.



Observed lunar eclipse October 8, 2014


spring sprung


Sun smiles on five inches of wet snow melting to fill empty birdbath.


(photo: bebedero-pajaros, nicely painted)bebedero-pájaros


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