beginning shimmers


art by felix gonzales torres

step into unknown

with trusting hope for each day

as new year begins

ephphatha: be opened

Prayer in “quadrille” form, exactly forty-four words…link to dVerse Poets


Open my hands

to receive extravagant grace

Open my ears

to hear shepherd’s voice

Open my eyes

to see beauty of narrow way

Open my mind

to know transforming truth

Open my mouth

to speak words of hope

Open my heart

to love courageously.


Jesus spoke “Ephphatha!” to deaf/mute man (see Mark 7:31-37)

hope springs eternal



Doesn’t this beautiful photo of apple blossoms on orange background lift one’s spirit?  One more day of NaPoWriMo challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days!  A lot of mine were haiku/haiga  🙂


spring’s promise

magnolia-1 copy

Magnolia theme and photo from  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai .  A haiga in honor of host, Kristjaan, who recently lost his father.


At last!


A promise to return

after darkness falls deepest.

Hope hangs on the eastern

edge of history’s horizon.

Nothing can stop the dawn

from overtaking night’s domain.


The whole sky brightens with

cloud colors of blazing glory.

Light reclaims this world and

we earthlings stare, illuminated.

That morning begs a question:

Will you fly toward Him…or away?


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