on our way home

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai  celebrates 5 years!  Revisiting theme: on our way home…


music in clinic

contemplate own funeral

face mortality


reading old headstones

on walk through cemetery

how did eddy end?


morning prayer time

Spirit’s breath fill us more

to live while we can



photo by lynn

why look back?

Tanka challenge at Ramblings of a Writer: growth & wisdom


graduation day

parents startle at child’s growth

earn moment of pride

launch dream of hope-full future

prayer for wings of wisdom



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can i pray for you?


Prayer is practicing the quiet presence of God.  It is crawling up into the lap of our abba – daddy and crying to hear him whisper comfort in our ear as he wraps us in his strong, everlasting arms.  Prayer is communion, connection, conversation; our privilege as children since Jesus opened door.  It may be a mighty wrestling, his will bending ours to grant a greater blessing than we can imagine.  In amazing love and grace, God invites us to pray and he initiates our prayers.  He wants us to come to him. In his presence, our brokenness begins to heal, our emptiness to fill. Prayer is relationship, not religion;  desire, not duty.  It is our lifeline; vital as breathing, inhale – exhale.  If we cannot pray?  Jesus intercedes, the Spirit groans and the family of God lifts us up, before his throne.


listen in silence

dew refreshes, green renews

spring rain for the soul

walk in the light

“In your light we see light.”  -Ps.36:9b






morning prayer path

first rays enlighten ditches

grass gives thanks for dew

















evening worship walk

sunset illumines grain fields

God whispers his love


(photos by lynn)




national day of prayer

Prayer is raising our emptiness to be filled by His presence.


“O Divine Master, grant
that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love. “ – St.Francis

Lord, i’m just one person
of little position or power,
disillusioned with politics,
wondering how to pray
for this nation and world;

where truth is trampled
justice twisted unjustly;
the violated commit violence,
the bullied become bullies
and sadness spills like rain.

as you offered Yourself
may i give myself fully
to love on your children,
feed the hungry souls,
visit the sick, sad, lonely,

beginning in my own home.

breathing the name

our first inhale
inspires a wail

every breath on lease
until breathing cease

his name rests on our tongues
spirit fills up our lungs

oxygen’s gifts from above
inspire us to be, do, love

fuller gulps we request
when exerting our best

inhaling the holy
exhaling the hurtful

breathe in life’s air
breathe out a prayer

our final breath
expires in death


resuscitated to life beyond here
drink deep of celestial atmosphere

epiphany in unity


grant us clarity

our love’s beauty transparent

pray they may see you










prayer for open heart surgery



make us holy,


where we are broken,


where we are bound,


where we are empty,


where we are lost,



open our hearts,

repair the holes

make us holy

wholly yours.


Amen –  may it be so.

simple request


Give us faith (and knees) to be “heaven-bent”

on praying for Your children.


(“Jacob praying” download from Photobucket)



prayer on a plot of land

*Praise for our Farmer-to-Farmer partners in Nicaragua who signed legal titles making them new land owners of their family plots.


Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos

He is the Father of all; both Nicaraguans and Americans.


Santificado sea tu Nombre

We worship him in our own cultures and languages.


Venga tu reino

His kingdom brings physical and spiritual renewal.


Hágase tu voluntad

He works his will in the lives of faith-full farmers.


En la tierra como en el cielo

The land, weather and eternity belong to him.


Danos hoy el pan de este día

We want to be able to feed our families each day.


y perdona nuestras deudas

By his pierced hands all our debts are paid.


como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores

We purpose to live at peace with God and each other.


y no nos dejes caer en al tentación

There are no short cuts to integrity.


sino que líbranos del malo.

He alone can free us from our own selfishness.


(photo by Rolando Mejia, Farmer-to-Farmer Facebook site)

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